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6 Keys to Succeed in Working with a Virtual Assistant

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Getting any service requires patience and perseverance. If you’re a business owner seeking services over the virtual world, you should be ready to endure the consequences and risks that come along with working with someone virtually. What if hiring virtual assistant (VA) is the best option for you but the one you hired causes you anxiety and frustration? How should you handle a stubborn or lazy VA? Below are some effective management tips to help you achieve smooth flow of deal toward fulfillment of your project goals.

So Hiring Virtual Assistant Won’t Go Wrong
1. Communicate expectations clearly

This is perhaps the main root of all troubles that entrepreneurs and business managers encounter during the stretch of the project. Failure to set and relay your expectations right before the project starts will surely bring confusion as vagueness hides your goal and target.

2. Clarify VA’s job description

As a client, you have the power to define your VA’s duties and limitations. Be specific. A good job description translates the broad duties into specific tasks. Also, this sets weekly or monthly goals. Just be sure to furnish a copy since this job description will serve as your VA’s guide in performing the job. Reiterate these duties in case the VA fails to achieve the goal or doesn’t meet the expectation.

3. Provide the needed tools and resources

Know the reason behind your assistant’s inefficiency. See if he has the pertinent materials, such as samples and specialized software that help speed up the process. Lack of sufficient tools and means can be behind your VA’s laziness, stubbornness, and lack of interest toward work. Just ensure you’re using advanced tools to reap the most favorable outcome.

4. Offer trainings

No matter how impressive the VA’s portfolio is, human skills may still go outdated. One’s knowledge and experience may not be enough when applied on other activities. So, when you’re hiring a virtual assistant, be sure to provide the required training for the accomplishment of certain tasks. How will you start? Create a training program so you can leave your VA with minimal supervision or without any guidance. Without a training program, you’ll probably do a rework on your VA’s outputs.

5. [Re]mind the deadline

One of the most vital aspects to ponder when hiring virtual assistant is the VA’s ability to meet deadlines. That said, you should set clear deadlines beforehand and remind your VA about due dates so he can work hard, squeeze in the remaining time, and prioritize things.

6. Appreciate

Like other professionals, VAs want to see or at least feel the fruit of their labor and know the impact of their efficiency as workers. A simple praise coming from client will surely inspire them to work harder and improve further. As a business owner, you should take time to appreciate even the things that seem trivial to them, say the skills or the impressive portfolio. You may also say compliment on their passion and expertise in their chosen field.

These are the essentials of hiring a virtual assistant, your keys to keep a good working relationship with your VA and succeed with the deal. If you’re looking for tailored VA services, trust FilWeb Asia’s virtual secretarial service. The firm can help you get every task done smoothly and on time.

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