What’s In and What’s Out in the Digital Marketing Trends 2019

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Indeed, 2018 is a year full of great innovations and definitely the most successful year in the entire digital marketing industry. We’ve seen marketers embrace new skills and created unique digital marketing techniques to outdo rivals. Trends change rapidly thus, it requires digital marketers and business owners to adapt flexibly. This digital marketing trends 2019 list aims to help you prepare a digital marketing plan with the in-the-now market trends! FilWeb Asia Inc., a trusted outsourcing provider, shares a quick guide to start a solid online marketing plan you can follow.

With more tech advents leading across trades especially in the digital marketing industry, you must keep yourself in the loop with the digital marketing trends 2019. Your previous marketing strategy from social media marketing down to your tangible efforts won’t guarantee to work this year. That’s why we’ve gathered four major digital marketing trends 2019 to boost your brand. Also, to create your path towards a successful business, we included four digital marketing techniques you should stop using. Are you up for the challenge to amplify your brand’s digital marketing plan? Heed these major digital marketing trends 2019 drivers.

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Four Major Digital Marketing Trends 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss

Witness the Domination of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve seen the rise of AI technology in the previous year, however; expect AI to rule across most industries. You can think of AI technology as a program that can analyze input quickly. It analyzes patterns and data and is able to converse with your customers. Indeed, AI has endless possibilities and makes room for larger and bolder innovations.

Accommodate Potential Customers through Chatbots

Once your social media marketing strategy goes well, you’ll need to accommodate your potential clients as soon as possible. But of course, you are not always down to answering queries from your customers. And to save you from losing potential clients, Chatbots save the day! As per Forbes, chatbots can help businesses to save over $8 billion per year. Chatbots serve as your aid to give initial help to your clients by answering frequently asked questions. Think of it as a support to your customer service system and yes, with the help of AI technology, it can provide endless uses too.

Notice How Audio and Smart Speakers Change Daily Lives

In our digital age, smart speakers and audio integrated programs become a helpful tool in our daily lives. As one of the digital marketing drivers, optimize your apps, programs, and website for voice search (Alexa, Bixby, Siri and Google voice search technology) and smart speakers.

Note That Watching Live Videos is a Trend

While video content is still one of the best digital content marketing strategies, we’ll see how live videos become a normal thing. Aside from it catches your audience’s attention, there’s a stronger chance to sway your clients to buy services or products from you. While streaming a live video, you can instantly see how many viewers are watching plus you can interact with them live.

Video ads will also dominate our digital marketing trends 2019 list. Tech advents created a channel linked to the digital world. Thus, video ads are on the rise and they will surely amplify your brand. Keep in mind that the shorter the video, the more it will catch your viewer’s drift. Also, the best way to maximize it is to create fun, engaging, and notable video ads.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2019: Digital Marketing Techniques You Must Forget

Worn-Out Stock Photos

While stock photos still make a good content, not everything fits the business’ online marketing needs well. Perhaps the problem lies on the web designer’s choice of images and graphics. Images that are inapt to the business, of low quality, and have no license from a reputable site are what make them unpleasant.

Black Hat SEO

It’s always on the list of don’ts for digital marketers, however, many remain defiant of the consequences of employing “undesirable” SEO techniques. As the recent patterns of search engine results show, these bad tactics seemed to have lost their places in the digital world. Notice how search engines ignore them as they favor contents that are more relevant to searches.

Quantity over Quality

The truth is, the frequency and large volume of posts never guarantees an online success. Do the opposite—favor quality over quantity. Truly, it’s better to have one quality content that everyone loves to see and read than two or more useless contents. Create in-depth write-ups that would remain timeless as much as possible.

Wordy Contents

The rise of portable gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets are behind the increase in viewership from various generations. Thus, avoiding text-heavy contents and posts will lead to success.
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Trends change rapidly, especially in the digital marketing world. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to keep your eyes peeled for the hottest digital marketing trends 2019 as you plan your marketing scheme. Taking the risk to follow the digital marketing trends 2019 may sound pivotal; however, you must not let opportunities go. Hence, learn and try the latest digital marketing techniques and trends to make you stay in the game. If you need a hand in growing your business with the latest trends, FilWeb Asia Inc. is your best choice.

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