customer service trends in 2017

Customer Service: 2017 Trends That Define Great Experience

Customer experience has never been this great — startling and satisfying. And it shows no sign of stopping, especially now that companies acknowledge the unstoppable power of customers in making and destroying a business. If you’re a customer service representative, BPO company owner, or call center agent, you should know and apply the best methods to make clients happy and loyal. Care to know the latest customer service trends, those that draw positive responses in 2017. See the list below.

Customer Service Trends to Follow
1. Personalization

A tailored approach in sales and marketing gives a great customer experience. How do business owners put personal touch when dealing with clients? Modern technology offers ways and means to track customer preferences so businesses can offer something that responds well to clients’ needs. By knowing the customers’ individual buying history and patterns, you could determine which items excite them; thus, compelling them to go back to you in the future.

2. Mobile

Transactions over the phone (or any mobile device) are now a hit. The proof? The most recent biggest shopping events (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) in the US and some parts of the world garnered one-thirds of the total sales from mobile purchases. With millennials comprising the large chunk of the buying population, the popularity of mobile purchasing will surely continue in the future. Hence, you should employ a mobile-first approach that can work well or fit with consumers’ engagement practice.

3. Automated Conversations

A product of artificial intelligence, chatbots have since become the most useful tool for business owners to attend to people on their behalf. Through a chat robot, one can talk to the business online — through a text-based or spoken convo. In the US and Europe-based enterprises, the use of chatbots still thrives, serving its very purpose of being a firm’s virtual representative.

4. Messaging support

Platforms like WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp now play vital roles beyond messaging itself. They have also become customer service tools, giving both clients and firms the power to engage on business dealings. What else can you do with them? Look at how others took advantage of these apps: users can now manage booking through FB’s Messenger, download boarding pass, and many others. As many marketers believe, the success of these messaging platforms signals a need to explore more on these helpful customer service trends.

5. Interactive email

Despite the fame of messaging platforms, emails remain alive! Its use as a customer service channel may have declined because of inefficiency of email blast, but a change in tactic can see its usefulness. Today, business owners innovate through interactive emails. How does such scheme work? With CSS3, users can perform basic interactions, such as switching tabs. What’s surprising? It works even without any JavaScript.

6. Social media customer care

Without a doubt, active social media pages can take care of the business’ relationships with clients. Just be sure to maintain a great site, one that responds quickly, posts regularly, and gives proper guide on what the client should do on certain things. Compared with other customer service trends, social media seem to be the most popular and convenient avenue for all.

Putting these customer service trends in place is a surefire way to build a fan base and offer great experience. These will help humanize your interaction with people and make them your loyal customers. If doing all these things lose your focus on your core business tasks, then hire a virtual secretary — also a growing trend these days. FilWeb Asia employs VAs to give you tailored services based on your business requirements.

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